pond skater logo looks like a cool bug


(don’t worry we’ll help you)


We create
fully immersive
new worlds

Whether you’re a brand, a band, or just a person named Brande, we can create a beautiful AR experience just for you
(Instagram SparkAR experiences specifically, but we can help with other activations too!)


Lots of Love (and many different types of media and expertise) go into our AR effects. We create hand made textures and graphics, artisanal 3D models, and homespun animations, in order to make your effect as unique and engaging as possible!

We’ll work with you to reach a price that you’re comfortable with, but please keep in mind that this is a complicated design service that requires a lot of time and expertise!

Rates entirely depend on the effect you have in mind, so email us for a quote today (or tomorrow, we don’t want to rush you)!

(or serious)
makeup effects

We’re not huge fans of mainstream beauty standards, but we can and do make beauty effects! A little highlight/contour never hurts


Anything you can imagine! Well, not anything, but we can get pretty close ;). We can make immersive portals for you to step into other worlds, give you ears like a beagle, make a little pony appear on your business card using target tracking, and much more!

Check out our instagram @pondskaterstudio for a taste of what’s possible.