Augmented Reality —

Artistic explorations in AR

Exhibited Works

Work, talks, and general press that I was excited enough about to send to my mom are aggregated here.


Meta Developer Showcase // The Canvas 3.0 Gallery // New York

“Digital Art Month” // CADAF // New York
“The Ribbon” // Hive // New York
“Digital Art Month” // CADAF // Paris
“SYMPHONIA” // The Holy Art // London
“Warped Passages” // Virginia Bianchi Gallery // Bologna

Art From The Futures // New York


“The Women Behind Your Favorite Instagram Filters” - i-D
“Alexis Zerafa Augments Reality” - Trash Mag
“NYU Alumni Alexis Zerafa” - Engineering at NYU
“Digital Art Month NYC” - wwd


AWE 2023 AR Lightning Round //Augmenting my artistic practices
New Era For Creativity Panel // AR panel for marketing executives at Meta
Samsung 837 Keynote // Keynote speech about making a career in AR
Unpacking AR // Expert talk with Meta’s Spark AR
Facebook Connect // Creator Success panel

Veil Study Tryptych

2021 - I wanted to explore veils. Recent events have introduced people to the concept of masks, and the notion of covering ones face.

But the close relative of the mask - the veil, is present in the history of a multitude of cultures - mostly as a feminine object, a form of protection, a shield, a tool for modesty, and eventually as time cycled forward - art.

Although the history of the veil has its tumultuous aspects, to distill the most prevalent meanings cross cultures, it’s main function is to protect something precious - the wearer, you.

The Coachellaverse

2022 - I had the pleasure of being one of the digital artists selected to help create work for Coachella 2022. I made two pieces, one geo-located in three popular spots in LA, and the other spawning on the guest box that people received their wrist bands in.

This work was also featured in a small docuseries alongside the work of other brilliant artists and creators. That series can be found here.

Some of the hero 3D assets were supplied to me by the amazing team I worked along side, and it was a fun challenge to iterate and create companion objects, textures, materials, and the overall scene and interactivity to best serve the grainy/retro/iridescent motif of the campaign. 

Personal Abyss

2021 - Reality is just that, relative. The way we perceive the world is different for every individual. Just like the mystery of perception, black holes have mystified the scientific community. Black holes were only theoretical objects for decades. I know for a lot of us the past year has felt like what we imagine being sucked into a black hole is like. There’s a word for this actually, spaghettification (because theory has long suggested that gravity would stretch you out like spaghetti)! In order to embrace the spaghettification, I wanted to create a little personal black hole, or abyss, for everyone to keep in their pocket. To familiarize ourselves with the unknown and take hold of it.

This piece was presented at Virginia Bianchi Gallery in Bologna, see write up below. 

Virginia Bianchi Gallery is pleased to present Warped Passages, an augmented reality exhibition hosted in the outdoor spaces of the DumBO area in via Casarini, Bologna. With the aim of bringing more attention to digital art and the practice of artists who use the virtual as essential component of their works, Warped Passages proposes the virtual exploration of six works by the artists Martina Menegon, Lauren Moffatt, Rory Scott, Laura Shepherd, Alexis Zerafa and Alice Yuan Zhang.