This was my first attempt at a series of effects that I’ve decided are art pieces. I like to make things that are meaningless, because I think it’s alright to make work just to make it, but this series is going to have meaning which is fun.

Face veils tend to be very personal items, with items of significance sewn into them. The object of protection then becomes a reflection of the user it’s meant to mask. This first mask in my series explores the natural veil of the beetle - the elytra. An elytron is the hardened fore wing that acts as a sheath to protect the beetle. Beetles are extremely symbolic for many cultures. For me personally I think they’re just super rad.

Researchers don’t know what purpose iridescence serves for the beetles, which is a nice parallel for my drive to create work without inherent meaning, but that is beautiful and nurtures wonder

This piece features five different beetles

  • Fig Eater Beetle // Cotinis Mutabilis
  • Rainbow Leaf Beetle // Chrysolina cerealis
  • Green June Beetle // Cotinis nitida
  • Purple Jewel Beetle // Chlorocala Africana Oertzeni
  • Golden Tortoise Beetle // Charidotella Sexpunctata
  • snowy disco slime mold // Lachnum virgineum

The head piece is inspired by the Macedonian Igla, a head ornament usually reserved for special occasions - this is a nod to my heritage in an attempt to connect with it more.

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