Lepidoptera Languor

Lepidoptera languor is an augmented reality work that explores the ever evolving relationships between humans and animals, specifically within the order Lepidoptera. Our interference and domestication practices alter the morphology and genes of the species we interact with. How do we decide what organisms we target, why do we get to decide? Luna moths for example are not considered a pest due to their beauty, but regardless are in danger of extinction and dwindling in numbers because of pesticides. Silkworms, and silkworm moths, have been selectively bred to be completely reliant on human care and no longer have foraging instincts. Their tolerance for close human proximity, handling, and lethargy, were not characteristics of the species before human intervention.

Beyond domestication, pesticides developed using the CRISPR genome editing technique are used to specifically target organisms within the order Lepidoptera. Who regulates what is deemed a pest? We wipe out certain species due to their threat to crops planted on land that was once their home, wouldn't this render us the original pests, intruding on an area that was once something else's?

Dwindling species, species domesticated beyond recognition, perched complacently on the users face, undisturbed by movements, are depicted in this piece.

Species depicted: 

  • rosy maple moth
  • luna moth
  • Actias rhodopneuma
  • owl butterfly
  • baorisa moth
  • atlas moth
  • lymantrine moth
  • silkworm moth

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